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Architectural Services Andover

Whether you are planning to renovate your home or to build it from scratch, you will most likely need architectural services. Our architect’s are highly trained and licensed professionals who provide architectural design services to add aesthetics and structure to your buildings and spaces. Our architects not only compose the drawings but also work on the administration of construction contracts on behalf of clients. They have a clear concept to guide you through the entire design and construction process. It’s always necessary to find an architect who understands your plan and requirements because an architect can increase the value of your home while also producing savings in regards to the actual building processes.

Why Us?

If finding a reliable architecture service in Andover, Hampshire, is what you need then feel free to contact our friendly team. Paris Construction Company is a Building and Construction Company that was founded in 2015 and located in Andover, Hampshire. We are able to offer professional architect services to both residential and commercial clients. With our widespread architect and planning experience, we offer architectural services that meet our clients’ needs by understanding the full requirements of each project. We provide you with unique designs that make your buildings both beautiful and inspiring. Contact our friendly team today for a free no obligation quotation.

Project Initiation

The initiation of your project will start when you share your project details, interests, and goals with our professional architects. They will take notes of these requirements and present these notes within a design pack, with photos of the property, and discussion of what features will be import within the property designs.

Design Drawings

Based on your requirements, demands and budget our architect will prepare initial design sketches to explore and demonstrate possible solutions for your building. Our professional architects will then discuss these architect drawings with you to initiate the next process.

Design Development

In this stage of architecture services, the schematic sketch or design is developed into a working set of plans and elevations. Through design development, our architects help you to understand the size and cost of your project before the contract documents are completed so that any necessary changes can be made before starting the construction process.

Construction Documents

When the final design has been developed, our architect prepares construction papers by coordinating with civil and mechanical engineers to guide the contractor in construction. These construction papers represent a legal description of what the contractor will build, along with other legal documents.

Regular Performance Reports

Your architect will provide you with regular progress reports and keep you notified of how the project is progressing. He will remain completely committed until the construction project is completed.

Our Clients

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