Certified Electrical Contractors Andover

Dealing with electrical installations isn’t something that you should attempt unless you are a certified electrician as electrical systems are very complicated as well as dangerous. If you are in the Hampshire area and have a project in mind that requires an electrician, you have come to the right place. Our certified Andover electricians are responsible for installing and maintaining all of the electrical systems in your homes, offices, and factories. They repair and replace objects such as circuit breakers, fuses, switches, and other electronic components.

Quality Guaranteed

If you need an electrician in Andover, Hampshire for residential work or industrial purposes, then our electricians are guaranteed to handle any type of job! We always use the highest quality products, which means we care about you and your needs because your safety is our top priority!!

We will assign a competent, fully qualified engineer to effectively manage the installation or repair process in the most efficient and hassle free manner possible.

Why Us?

Finding a reliable Electrician in Andover, Hampshire, is a very time-consuming task. We at Paris Construction offer excellent electrical services in Andover. Our Electricians are experienced, qualified and professional and can carry out all different kinds of electrical work. We can perform any task related to new or existing construction from full rewires to installations of fixtures and lights etc. So if you are constructing a new house, office, or planning to renovate your property our electricians are always ready to serve you. We always provide highly trained professionals because we care about you and your property.

Residential Electrical

Paris Construction Electricians are highly trained and experienced in providing residential electrical needs. We will evaluate your current electrical system and give competent suggestions so that you can feel secure and confident. Full safety certificates and guarantees provided with all work carried out.

Electrical Repairs

Searching for an electrician for common electrical repairs inside your home or office? Then our expert electrician's who have years of experience can provide you these services, which include wiring upgrades, circuit breaker replacement, and underground wiring, etc. From faults with tripping breakers to a faulty electric cooker, we are here to help!

Commercial Installations

Our commercial electricians are always ready to handle all of your commercial repair and maintenance needs because the operation of commercial business is nearly always entirely dependent on electricity. Your business cannot afford to be disrupted by inadequate electrical services. Whether you're planning for installing new systems or upgrading existing electrical systems, we provide you with all types of services.

Industrial Electricians

Our Industrial electricians are well experienced in repairing and installing all electrical systems in industries. Our electricians are equipped to meet the demands of the industrial market, which are different from those of the commercial or residential markets. Our electricians offer a diversified electrical solution to maintain and repair industrial electrical equipment.

What Electrical Services Do We offer?

Paris construction was founded in 2015 as a construction company as well as known for providing reliable commercial, residential, and industrial electrical services in Andover, Hampshire. Many of our services include things such as:

Residential Lighting
Ceiling fan installation
Outdoor Lighting Installation
HVAC System Installation
Holiday lighting
Outdoor lighting
Light switches
Kitchen lighting
Landscape lighting

Our Clients

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