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Add Value To Your Home

Apart from creating more space in your house, one of the best benefits you might get from extending your home is that it is a great way to add value to your property. A home extension is genuinely a great idea to create the home of your dreams as well as an excellent opportunity to raise the home’s market value.

Quality Guaranteed

If you are looking for home extension builders in Hampshire for residential or even commercial purposes then Paris Construction are here to help! We pride ourselves on using the highest quality materials as well as insisting our builders work to high quality standards with a focus on attention to detail.

We will always assign an experienced, competent and considerate project manager to oversea your product and work alongside the architect from start to finish to ensure we deliver the home extension of your dreams.

Why Us?

Are you living in Andover, Hampshire and you feel you have a need for more space in your house?  If so, we at Paris construction can provide modifications to your house through our home extensions. Our expert builders carry out a range of excellent extension services, including bedroom extensions, kitchen extensions, and bathroom extensions. Our experts have constructed many beautiful home extensions for a multitude of satisfied customers and have many years of experience so we’re well-equipped to build the house of your dreams.

Single Storey Extensions Andover

Are you considering a single-storey extension? Our single-storey extensions can be the perfect solution to create valuable living space and achieve the design of your dreams. Our single-storey extensions include extending the kitchen, creating a new bedroom, more living space or even another bathroom for the family. At Paris construction we will provide innovative single story extension ideas that meet your requirements and lifestyles.

Double Storey Extensions Andover

Sometimes you may find yourself needing more space than your house currently offers and moving to a new home can be expensive and time consuming. In such cases, a double-story extension allows you to create a lot more space both upstairs and downstairs as well as adding significant worth to your property. Our double story extensions are perfect solutions to add additional space without compromising your existing space.

Commercial Installations Andover

Not only do we offer extensions for residential properties we can also provide extensions on commercial properties that can give our clients the extra space they require to expand their business. Whether its just an extra room for more storage our extending the current property to create more office space Paris Construction are able to offer the complete solution from design all the way through to the actual build.

What Services We Offer?

So, If you want to add space to your home Paris Construction can provide you with professional extension builders in Andover that provide you with both single story and double story extensions. For high-quality home extension services contact Paris Construction, the premier extension builders in Andover, Hampshire.

Paris construction was founded in 2015 as a construction company as well as known for providing reliable commercial, residential, and industrial electrical services in Andover, Hampshire. Many of our services include things such as:


Wall Building









Door Installation

Window Installation

Our Clients

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