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Give your space the look you’ve been dreaming about. Have you been admiring your neighbour’s Venetian plastering? Perhaps you visited an office somewhere that was finished with polished plastering and you really liked the look. Give our team the opportunity to make your dreams a reality. All it takes is one quick call, we’ll help guide you through the entire process.


Plastering typically achieves a smoother and finer finish to allow wallpapers and fixtures to be added later. Plastering is commonly done to coat the interior walls of a particular space and provide a smooth finish that can be painted directly. It is essential that all the plaster is dried before any fixtures are added. It is fairly simple to tell when this happens – simply take note of when all the darker patches on the walls begin to disappear, and once they do, you’ll have a completely dry wall ready for decoration.

Specialist Wall Finishes

An additional service that Paris Construction offers its clients is a wall finish after the plastering and rendering processes. This service gives your walls a unique look and feel which can be customised according to our client’s wishes. Wall finishes are a fun way to make an area stand out. With the right tools and equipment, your space can go from looking simple and plain to having a certain edge to it at the very least. Our wall finishing specialists are not just well-equipped, but also bring a ton of experience, so you know that your space is in good hands.


Rendering involves applying the mixture onto the walls and then finishing up with the relevant tools depending on the texture or appearance required by the client. It can also protect walls from water and fire, whereas plastering in general is not necessarily water and fireproof depending on the nature of the space and who uses it. Drying of the walls may take longer in some cases, even up to a month due to a variety of factors. For example, the number of render layers, the season and ventilation are some factors that need to be taken into account.

Residential Plasterer Andover

We offer a comprehensive range of plastering solutions for home use both in indoor and outdoor environments. Smooth finishes with a high degree of attention to detail is our promise to you.

Commercial Plasterer Andover

We have completed numerous large projects in both commercial and industrial premises with a high degree of professionalism. Whatever the size of the project you can feel safe in the knowledge that Paris Construction will finish the project in budget and on time.

Concrete Plastering

Leave it to our experienced tradesmen to deliver a superior concrete finish that will leave your residential or commercial property looking brand new. Whether we’re working on a textured finish or stamped pattern, we’ll pay attention to the details to deliver a high-caliber finish. Let us know how we can help to get started creating your masterpiece.

Venetian Plastering

This traditional form of Italian plastering can be applied to both walls and ceilings. You may have heard of the term lime plastering. If so, it’s exactly the same thing. Combined with a mixture of marble dust, the plaster is always applied in fine, thin layers to create a highly finished and detailed look. Whether you like earthy tones, grey, brown, or black, our expert crew can help make it happen.

Decorative Plastering

Plaster is the perfect medium to create extremely decorative and artistic designs that bring to life that boring environment. Our plastering experts can create Victorian designs, ancient Roman styles, and even modern lines that match the elegance of your space. Don’t hesitate to tell us what you’ve been thinking about.

Marmarino Plasterer

This type of plaster is used mainly on the interior and exterior walls and can be manipulated to resemble multiple finishes of varying styles. Whether you’re looking for a glossy look or more of a matte texture, we can help you achieve it. Let us know what design influence you are inspired by and we’ll tell you how to make it a possibility.

Travertine Plasterer

This rock can be an extremely attractive option for many residential properties and commercial businesses. It’s ancient and durable composition makes it perfect for walls and countertops. Originally formed from mineral deposits, this type of limestone is well known and can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

Polished Plastering

This type of Italian plastering finish will leave any wall looking as if it was imported straight from Galicia. These seamless walls have all the impressive details to bring out the distinctive look you’re going for. Whether it’s slaked lime, marble dust, and/or marble chips, we’ll help create the specific style you want.

Micro Plastering

High-performance cement can adhere to practically any surface. When mixed with polymers and ultra-fine aggregates the resulting material is highly versatile and acts as a practical finish for both residential and commercial spaces. Through certain colour pigments and additives, a specific look and style can be created to blend with any area.

Pitted Plastering

Creating a stone-like effect with a pitted texture is a finely tuned skill that takes experience. Our expert tradesmen will tease out a rugged yet natural appearance that has a subtle yet warm characteristic that’s perfect for both commercial and residential interiors. Ask about our extensive range of colours to see what fits your desired style.

Experienced Plasterers

Our fully qualified Andover plasterers are here to make your dream finishing touches come true. At Paris Construction, you will have a wide variety of textures, colours, and designs to choose from to complete the look and appeal of your space. Not only will these options be more than satisfying, but you will also find economical options if you do not wish to cross your budget

Serving A Wide Range Of Customers

Having expert tradesmen from both the commercial and residential side of the business gives us a wealth of experience in a wide variety of specialties. Our clients love to keep coming back again and again because of our commitment to the details and strong attention to your needs

Built On A Foundation Of Excellence

Standing upon a legacy of excellence means that our A1 reputation speaks louder than words. With over 40 combined years of industry experience, OEI Paris Building and Construction understands the meaning of accountability, reliability, and performance.

Locally Trusted. Always Affordable.

It’s more than high-caliber results that our clients demand. They deserve honest pricing and trusted tradesmen committed to the job. Working with an affordable, locally trusted team that has a reputation for delivering results is more than satisfying, it’s peace of mind.

Our Services

Paris Construction have an unrivalled plastering and specialist finishing background with over 40 years experience. Check out some of our projects that involve our plastering here.

Our Process

Take a look at how our process works to understand why we deliver excellence 100% of the time.


We know that every residential and commercial facility is different. That’s why we’ll send one of our experienced estimators out to your location to get an up couple and personal in your area. This will help our team meet your budget, timeline, and develop a plan to reach it.


After estimating a project, we’ll get started on listening to your requirements, notating any specific details, and putting together an overall plan of attack that will help you achieve exactly what you’re looking for.


Everything will begin to come together as we start implementing your specific plastering project. Whether we’re talking about Venetian plastering, micro cement, or anything else, our expert tradesmen will show you how much they love what they do.


No job is ever complete without the total and complete approval from our clients. Give us your absolute feedback to let us know how good of a job we’ve done or if something needs to be adjusted.

Residential Plasterer

Home is where the heart is. The critical difference between Residential and Commercial plastering is the degree of smoothness we employ. Our residential customers typically want a smooth, polished look that matches the exact color and stylistic influence they had in mind. Whether that’s a traditional Italian look or modern polished style, our expert residential plasterers have the experience you need.

Commercial Plasterer

The size and scale of commercial plastering projects often make the design phase slightly more intensive. Whether that means we’re working on a small single floor office building or an industrial-sized project, our tradesmen will always put in the same attention to detail as you would expect. Let’s discuss your budget, timeframe, and expectations to make your project come to fruition. Our commercial clients’ include established company such as Powells and Boden group.

We offer a range of services including but not limited to:

Taping and Jointing, Skimming, Two Coat Work, Traditional Plastering, Limework, All Rendering Systems, Venetian, Microcement, and Screeding

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