Plumbing Andover

Paris Construction is also an expert in providing the best plumbing specialists to our customers in Andover, Hampshire. Our specialists are experienced, and seasoned professionals that have tackled complicated plumbing issues throughout their careers and no job is too big or too small. Dripping taps and burst pipes can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage so always be sure to employ professional plumbers when choosing people to work on your home. We cover all over the UK and will happily work on industrial and commercial contracts that require high levels of insurance.

Heating Andover

Paris Construction offers its clients a wide variety of options to choose from when deciding upon a heating system for their properties. These include central heating systems, boiler installations, maintenance and repair services and even setting up specialised automation controls to manage the heating systems in your home or office. One of the heating methods that are now gaining traction all over the world is using smart heating controls or a smart thermostats. What this technology essentially does is enable you, the user, to remotely control and manage the temperature of your spaces. This is making use of technology in the most efficient way as it does not require a complicated manual system to navigate.

Kitchen and Bathroom

Whether you need a new washing machine plumbing in or a water feed supply to a new power shower, Paris Construction offer a reliable service at reasonable rates.

Central Heating

A warm cosy home in the winter months is essential, we not only offer repairs on existing central heating systems we also install a huge selection of brand new heating systems.

Taps and Pipes

Dripping taps and burst pipes can wreak absolute havoc in both homes and business properties. We offer emergency call outs to get to you as fast as possible to put things right.

Our Services

Some of the plumbing services we offer include the following:

1. Emergency 24/7 plumbing services

2. Clearing blockages from drains and pipes

3. Repairing burst or damaged pipes

4. Repairing or replacing toilet flush

5. Repairs or replacements for bathroom equipment such as sinks, taps and showerheads

6. Installing or refitting bathroom fixtures for maintaining sanitation

7. Disabled shower rooms

All our employees ensure that while working in your spaces, they are following the health and safety guidelines that we have set in place for them. They will all be expected to wear relevant safety equipment and come with the proper tools to do the job properly.

So if you are stressing about plumbing or heating issues, Paris Construction is here to take all your plumbing and heating worries away! Get in touch with us via our “Contact Us” page here:

Our Clients

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